AGR Athens car rental insurance

Rental fees include:

– Local Taxes and Vat
– Third party insurance
– Car Theft Protection
– Collision Damage Waiver Insurance (C.D.W)Collision damage waiver insurance means that Morphis
is insured towards collision damages (material damages) also caused by the renter, but with an excess
amount to pay.

The Excess Amount for Collision is (CDW):

– 500 Euro + VAT for (Category A, B and C,D E)
– 650 euro + VAT for (Category E1 ,E2 ,F,E2,E3,E4)
-900 euro + VAT for (Category F1,F2,E5,E6,M1)
– 1500 Euro + VAT for (Category L, L1)

Daily Charge of Super CDW (FDW):
– 7 Euro + VAT for (Category A, B and C, D, E, E1)
-10 Euro + VAT for (Category E1 ,E2 ,F,E2,E3,E4)
– 15Euro+ VAT for (Category F1,  M1, J, CC, LA)
– 20 Euro + VAT for (CategoryM, L, L1, L2)

No excess amounts after accepting Super CDW (FDW)


– Damage caused to the car’s tires, windscreen, windows or bottom.
– Loss or theft of personal items kept in the car.
– Any damage caused to the car during transportation by ship or other means.
– Any incident taking place while the driver is under the influence of alcohol or narcotics.
– Accidents caused by a driver who has not been stated in the rental agreement.

Very important notice

In case of an accident you have to call at once our office +210 8974197

+ police number : 100

+ our insurance 24 hours service for road insurance.

Clients have to follow the above steps in order the insurance is valid