Athens car rental without credit card

AGR Athens car rental company provide rent a car services in Athens without credit card. Clients who are not holder of a valid credit card they can rent a car in Athens under the following issues.

1/ payment of the rental in advance.

2/payment of a deposit which is according to the type of car (this deposit is refundable upon returning of the car without damages).

3/ The amount of the deposit is according the type of the car .

Athens car rental Full insurance.

Clients can rent a car without deposit using the new Super full insurance without excess.

Prices of this SFCDW is according the days of the rental and the type of car .

Client even if they accepted to pay the extra amount for SFCDW are not covered under the following issues

1/ violation of red light

2/violation of STOP

3/ driving the car under the influance of alcohhol or drugs

4/driving off road

Rent a car with debit card

In order to rent a car without a valid credit card you to follow all steps and book it through our secure online system. You can also contact us in order to inform you for terms and conditions for the this option. Trust AGR Athens car rental company and rent a car with your debit card .

Car rental Athens pay cash

If you are not a holder of a valid credit card or a debit card and you need to rental a car in Athens, AGR Athens car rental can offer you a rental car and pay cash . This kind of payment can be only for low categories cars. You can pay the rental amount and the guarantee in cash under the condition that you are older than 25 years old. AGR has the right to refuse the rental of a car with these conditions any time.