Athens car rental without credit card

AGR Athens car rental company provide rent a car services in Athens without credit card. Clients who are not holder of a valid credit card they can rent a car in Athens under the following issues.

1/ payment of the rental in advance.

2/payment of a deposit which is according to the type of car (this deposit is refundable upon returning of the car without damages).

3/ The amount of the deposit is according the type of the car .

Athens car rental Full insurance.

Clients can rent a car without deposit using the new Super full insurance without excess.

Prices of this SFCDW is according the days of the rental and the type of car .

Client even if they accepted to pay the extra amount for SFCDW are not covered under the following issues

1/ violation of red light

2/violation of STOP

3/ driving the car under the influance of alcohhol or drugs

4/driving off road